Using Crepe Hair to create a beard or mustache

Crepe hair has many different uses. It comes in a yard long braid, and after it has been expanded and pulled apart, you can layer it to make awesome and realistic facial or body hair. All you need is some Spirit Gum adhesive, a hot water boiler, and a little patience to get the perfect beard, mustache, thick eyebrows, or any other realistic hairy look. Crepe hair comes in 10 different shades, and we recommend using at least 2-3 different shades in order to get the most authentic look. 

Follow the steps below to create a full beard using Crepe Hair:

    1. Step 1- Use a hot water boiler to expand the hair from the tight braid it is packaged in, and separate it from the white threading in the middle. Working a couple inches at a time, pass the hair over the steaming vapor back and forth and the hair will start to unravel.
    2. Step 2- Group the hair into small clusters, and gently pull apart at the ends to separate the hair for layering
    3. Step 3- Using a mixture of hair colors, work in small sections to lay the hair down like shingle tiles on a roof- layering from the bottom up and working from the outside in. First, apply a small amount of Spirit Gum to the skin and allow a couple seconds for it to dry. Tap the skin to test for the desired "tacky" feeling to ensure the hair is ready to be laid. Once the skin feels sticky, place the hair down on the desired section and use your fingers to secure the hair in place. Apply the next layer of Spirit Gum above the hair just applied to the skin, and layer hair until you reach a realistic beard line, and have achieved the thickness you desire for your beard or mustache.
    4. Step 4- Work from the ears to the chin, and do the upper lip (mustache) portion last. Trim the hair shorter than the other pieces so that it does not get into the mouth, and use less hair to cover the area than the other parts of the face. The mustache does not need to be as full as the beard, and it will be more comfortable for the model as well.
And there you have it! A sexy full beard all the ladies will love ;)
Do not use a brush to comb the beard. Can use hair spray to keep the hair in place.
Should last all day and night. Hair cannot be reused after removed from the skin.

 To remove: Use Spirit Gum Remover with a paint brush to gently separate the skin from the hair. Baby oil or makeup remover will help get off any extra stick the Spirit Gum left behind. Clean the skin with soap and water. 

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  • Dani Cordoba