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Whether you are cosplaying your favorite character or creating body art with makeup, covering your body in paint can be complicated. Here are a few useful resources on how to find the right paint for you, correct application, and the major differences between the types and brands of face paint on the market today. 

Types of Face Paint

The two most popular types of face & body paint are water-based makeup, and greasepaint. Although water-based paint is more breathable on the skin, it does not have the same durability as greasepaint. 

Body Paint Application

Greasepaint requires no activation and can be applied directly on the skin using a sponge or brush. To use water-based paints, you must get the cake wet with water or liquiset in order to activate the paint. Use a kabuki brush in a circular motion to cover large areas with water-based paint for an even and quick coverage.

 Sealing Body Paint

Grease paint will have a glossy finish and does not dry completely unless set with Setting Powder. Water- based paint must be set with a liquid, such as Final Seal


Removing Body Paint

Water- based paint can be removed easily with soap and water. Another makeup remover alternative is Brush Bath, which is an organic makeup remover formula, that also works wonderfully as a brush cleaner and water sanitzer. 



Finding the perfect shade of body paint

Getting the shade of body paint to perfectly match the character you are cosplaying can be very tricky. Paints oxidize when they dry and can turn into a different color once on the skin. The advantage of water- based paint is that they are easy to blend to make new colors while they are still wet. When they are dry, you can layer water- based paints to make them more vibrant. If you are looking for a specific shade of body paint for certain characters, follow this board on pinterest. It is updated frequently with the body paint to match some of the most popular cosplayed characters. You can also email if you need help finding the perfect color for your cosplay.


Another helpful resource are these color swatches made by They have taken all the major brands of water- based face paint and compared them by price per gram as well as color pay off for popular colors like white, black, red, green, and yellow.

White water- based paint comparison


Helpful face and body paint resources

The internet is filled with wonderful places to get advice, inspiration, and have fun with people who face & body paint for cosplay and more! Here are some great resources to use along your journey

  • Cosplay Makeup Facebook Group- ask questions, post your favorite looks, and find helpful tutorials and advice all related to cosplay makeup
  •  Youtube- the best place to find every tutorial under the sun you are looking for. Check out these awesome youtube channels dedicated to face & body art and cosplay makeup!
  • is an amazing blog that features everythin from face & body art advice, to business and motivational posts, to important facts and descriptions about the newest products on the market.
  • is an amazing resource for those serious about getting into face & body art or would like to enhance your skills with entertaining online courses. With over 300 classes from top artists all over the world, this subscription based learning channel.
  • Check out the inspiration section on we have tutorials and pictures featuring everything from Pokemon to Suicide Squad to your favorite Steven Universe characters


Whether you are cosplaying or just having fun with paint- you can find everything you need at FXCosplay and Silly Farm Supplies. If you have any questions about anything- please do not hesitate to contact us as We are always here to help!