Fear Farm Basic FX Essentials Kit

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Bruise up the skin with the Bruise Wheel, and add or create wounds with Liquid Latex, Synthetic Wax or with the 3-D Fleshtone Gel. Prosthetics, also called Appliances and Woochie can be attached to the skin using Spirit Gum. Paint the Spirit Gum onto the prosthetic or appliance as well as onto the skin. Tap gently with your finger on the Spirit Gum to bring Spirit Gum up to a tack. Apply prosthetic and hold in place until it is attached. Using the Makeup Wedge lightly smooth on thin layers of Liquid Latex onto prosthetic blending into skin and build up slowly. You can also blend in edges with the 3-D Gel or Wax. Color with the Bruise Wheel, and add Blood to finish.

The Mehron Bruise wheel is a must for any Special FX kit. The Mehron bruise wheel includes 5 crème based make up colors that are ideal for creating realistic bruises, cuts, bullet wounds, and much more. The smooth Mehron crème colors can be applied and blended easily with a make up wedge or with your fingers. Bruise wheel crème colors are ideal for use on top of prosthetics, or as a base for special effects designs. Use neutral setting powder on top your bruise to set the design.

3D Gel is used to create realistic three dimensional special effect additions to a character’s makeup. Mehron has developed this 3D Gel to create Realistic 3-D Effects in Blood Red, Clear and Flesh tone in multiple bottle sizes. You can create most ghoulish effects with 3D Gel. To use the 3-D Gelatin Effects just heat it to a liquid form, brush on, allow curing, and carve it up to your delight. There is no adhesive needed when using the 3D Gelatin Effects. 3D Gellatin Effects removes from skin and hair with warm water. 3D Gel may be used as a substitute for latex on children.

Synthetic Wax is a versatile synthetic wax developed by Mehron as a substitute for traditional modeling wax. The benefits of Synthetic Wax are that it is more pliable wax and easier to accomplish finer details than traditional Modeling wax. Use to the edges of prosthetic pieces and for blocking out eyebrows or adding features to characters for performances.

The Stipple sponge is an essential tool in a FX Kit. It is great for creating scrapes, spattered blood effects, and to blend in flesh tone foundations. Cotton balls can be used along with Liquid Latex to form raised skin, deep cuts and other easy prosthetic builds. When working with Wax, lightly use Vaseline on your fingers to prevent it from sticking to you.

This kit does include a small Liquid Latex, and is not for everyone. Latex allergies are very common, it is necessary to ask your model before application. Liquid latex is similar to an adhesive and has an odor, and must be peeled off to be removed. Removing liquid latex can be painful if you are trying to remove it from a hairy area.

Removal:All makeup can be removed with makeup remover, baby oil and spirit gum remover.


  • (1) Liquid Latex 1oz
  • (1) Spirit Gum 1oz
  • (1) Spirit Gum Remover .5oz
  • (1) Stage Blood 1oz
  • (1) Bruise Wheel 1oz
  • (1) Synthetic Wax
  • (1) 3-D Fleshtone Gel 2oz
  • (1) Stipple Sponge
  • (1) Bag of Cotton balls
  • (4) Makeup Wedges
  • (1) Tube of Vaseline
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