Mehron Liquid Latex

Product Description

Liquid latex has been used to create wounds, gashes, cuts, zippers, pockets, and folds for body painting, used on the face to create the aging effect and used to create water proof body art when desired. Liquid latex once applied to the skin and let dry, can be painted on top of, shimmer powders can be dusted on top of it as well to create a sleek shiny look, or glitter can be added to it while still drying for a glittery finish.

Liquid Latex is not for everyone. Latex allergies are very common, it is necessary to ask your model before application. Liquid latex is similar to an adhesive and has an odor, and must be peeled off to be removed. Removing liquid latex can be painful if you are trying to remove it from a hairy area. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us before purchasing liquid latex 

This latex product is sensitive to extreme changes in temperature (i.e. freezing is possible) To ensure top quality, we suggest OVERNIGHT shipping especially during the colder months of the year. If you do not want to pay OVERNIGHT shipping charges, we will not be responsible for any damages to the latex.

To Use: Do not shake. Open container and stir. Apply a thin layer of latex to the skin and allow 10-15 seconds of drying time. Once it is dry on the skin you can paint on top of the latex, tear it for FX effect, or add glitter before latex dries to create a glitter tattoo.

To Remove: Peel the latex off slowly to avoid irritation. If applied to heavy areas of hair growth, it is recommended to remove with soap and water and/or to use baby oil and a comb to break down the latex for easier removal.

Warning: Keep out of eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Latex will stay in porous fabrics and materials such as carpets, drapes or upholstery. Some people have latex or ammonia allergies. It is suggested to test a small patch of skin and wait a few minutes. If a rash, or other signs of irritation develop, remove the latex and wash the affected areas with soap and water and discontinue use. Latex should not be used on certain metals such as iron, silver, brass or bronze. Silly Farm assumes no legal responsibility for consumers' use of this product. Please use responsibly.

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